Poor little Quinn...he's so tired.

Oonie shows Quinn the ropes!

Kippie loves campfires!

Quinnie running in the meadow.

Baby Quinn.

Oonie poses for a glamour shot...What a smile!

Kippie navigates on the boat. (He's not very good with directions.)

Hanging out on the lake.

Quinn is all ears in the bath.

Kippie greets us at the door.

Quinnie sleeping on Pam's pillow.

Oonie enjoys the countryside at the end of the day.

Quinn helps Pam with her sketchbook.

Quinn learns all about snow. Yay!

Oonie takes a nap in the bushes.

Quinn takes a moment to pose for the camera.

Kippie shows off his Halloween costume...Land Shark!!!!

"We weren't playing....really!"

A very Corgi nativity.

Kippie is all about going for rides!

Quinn poses with Lindsey...big fan!

Oonie surveys the "snow situation."

Quinn really loves the kitty at the grandparents house.

Got to keep the winky cool.