The boys love their playtime.

Oonie the Ice Princess!

Kippie poses with his towel head.

Plowing through the snow.

Quinnie's red christmas.

Now it's a pack.

The big Oonie drawing in the Dow Center...she's famous!

"Let's pick this puppy!"

Kaz and baby Quinn...big strectch.

"We love nature walks...look squirrel!"

Kippie and Quinn pause for a nap together.

The dogs of visual arts....ssshhh!

Who needs sticks when you have all these trees.

Quinn poses in his sweater.

Quinn finds a fan club on his first day home.

Sleeping Quinn....also sofa king cute!

Picking out the newest member of the pack at the breeder's.

Kippie and Oonie showing some love.


A pack photo...three personalites at work.

Two old pros.

Quinnie launch!

Oonie loves to pose for the camera.

Kaz's posse!

Oonie and Kippie show there finest corgi stuff!

Kippie and Pam....he's so plushy!.

"I love you mommy!"

Kinda looks like a bunny!