three corgis walking oonie kippie kaz

Corgi butts walking in formation.

Looks like a mid-morning nap.

obey the corgi oonie rolling in the grass

Worn out from too much Internet.

We are definitely believers!

Grass is ssssoooooo wonderful.

quinn and pam corgi breakfast

Mountain dog explorer.....junior.

Corgi breakfa....hey, who's getting the fruit loops!

oonie butt crazy quinn blanket

"I love to play blanket....heh...heh...heh!!!"

"I need a little solitude."

Pretty boy!

corgi spoons kippie oonie and quinn


Going for a ride.

Spooning sucks.

kippie quinn pam oonie hiding kippie

Hanging out with fuzzy pink slippers.

"I am so neglected!!!!"

"There's a view? Let me see."

quinn doug oonie kippie quinn pam

Talk about reading over someone's shoulder.

Beach corgis...and Pammie too!

quinn sleeping kippie sleeping

Some dogs can sleep anywhere.

Some prefer overstuffed pillows.

quinn peeking oonie hiding kippie peeking


Hiding from a storm.

"I like french fries!!!"

quinn oonie quinn

"I love this little pillow. It's perfect for me"

Hanging out on the bed