quinn kippie

Quinn helping out Pam with her installation preparation.

Being supportive for Kaz's interview with the Ameican University in Dubai...I like sand.

winter corgis three corgis

Another ride?

Corgi snow tunnels.

Wow...That's a lotta ears!

quinn zilla quinn oonie

Quinn posing with his new girlfriend Zilla.

"I wish I was you, Oonie."

oonie kippie quinn

Aaron hanging out with the pack.

Window!!! (Don't stand on what??)

"I love my chair...it's very comfy."

oonie rolling three corgis

Lots and lots of smiling.

"Celllllllllll-a-bration time, come on."

quinn kippie quinn kaz

"Close up...Yay!!!""

"Water the what and it'll grow???"

Bros for life.

oonie quinn

Oonie with Flat Stanley.

Every once in a while it's fun to pretend you're Superman.

kippie shark quinn

Oonie Shark.


kippie three corgis quinn kaz

Corgi pass time...counting cars.


Relaxing at the hot tub.

quinn kaz oonie quinn

"Yuck! I've been kissed by a dog."

Curled up on the couch.

"I love my blanket."